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Don't have time to clean or detail your vehicle?

Let us bring the car wash to you! We offer various detailing packages to fit your needs ranging from a full service detail to an interior or exterior only detail.

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Some of the detailing services we offer

Paint Correction

We offer various stages of paint correction. From a 1 step to a 3 step paint correction, this service will make sure majority of the swirls and imperfections in your paint are removed leaving your cars paint shiny and looking as if it were recently painted. Paint correction is able to remove majority of surface defects. Paint correction CAN NOT remove deep scratches that have gone past the base coat or any rock chips that may be on the vehicle.

Headlight Restoration

Overtime your vehicle's headlights will oxidize making them cloudy and yellow. This will dim the brightness of your headlights and cause them to become increasingly ineffective. Using a multistep process, we are able to remove cloudiness and yellowing from the headlights allowing you to regain visibility at night.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are used to protect your vehicles paint from the earth's elements as well as any other substances your vehicle may come in contact with. A ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic layer on your paint allowing water to bead off and preventing tree sap, bird poop, etc from sticking to your paint and damaging your clear coat. We offer coatings that last from 2yrs - 10+yrs.

Seat & Carpet Shampooing

Accidents happen sometimes. With seat or carpet shampooing we use high quality products to not only remove stains left behind but odors that could be lingering as well. We use a three step treatment to tackle most stains. After this process is complete we make sure to finish it off with a treatment that will prevent the stain or odors from coming back.

Machine Polishing

Do you want to enhance the look of your paint without opting in for paint correction? Machine polishing is a quick, safe and cheaper alternative to achieve high gloss while adding a layer of protection to your paint. With machine polishing we carefully polish your entire vehicle leaving it with a mirror like finish. *Machine polishing may remove some defects, but please keep in mind that this is not paint correction so while your paint may end up shiny, imperfections such as swirl marks may not come off completely.*

Leather Conditioning

Leather tends to dry out and crack quickly if not taken care of properly. By adding leather conditioning to all leather surfaces and seats, they will last longer and have an additional protection to the suns UV's. Leather conditioner also helps prevent future stains that may occur while keeping your seats and other surfaces looking brand new.

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I needed to get my front passenger seat cleaned as soon as and he was able to squeeze us in first thing the next morning. Very professional and great customer service. Happy with the results!

Whitney C.

Wonderful guy amazing service takes genuine loves cars and loves what he does super motivating young individuals but with the experience and technique of a professional. 10/10 highly recommended.

Wan J.

Detailing packages we offer

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Premium $25 Per month
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Enterprise $70 Free forever
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